#New Year Resolution 1 - Invest in Lingerie

In Brazil the color underwear you’re wearing at midnight on December 31st is believed to influence your luck for the coming year? (Red means passion, pink means love, white means peace, green means luck, blue means health, and yellow means money, etc…). Some people also believe that if they wear red underwear on December 31st, it will bring luck to them for coming new year.

Why you need to invest in lingerie? You're thinking, not that many people are going to see it. Maybe no one will. Maybe a lot of people will. Maybe that's none of your business! It is like having pedicure for non opened toe pumps. It was something about carrying oneself better. It makes women feel complete and fabulous.

A lot of women love having great bras and great underwear. They think that it is a part of daily beauty routine. For some women lingerie makes them feel different: playful, cheeky, feminine, and confident.

Even if nobody sees it, or just one person does, well, it's not about them. When you know it's there, and know that, feel it, can change your life a little ...